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“The Executive Coaching we received from Kim was transformational for our business. Our profits grew 10x. Kim was inspiring to work with, and the results speak for themselves.” -J. Brown, CEO GPS Wealth

As a visionary business owner, entrepreneur, coach or consultant, you feel like you are hitting a brick wall because you are great at what you do, but building your marketing system feels soul crushing, and it isn’t attracting enough customers to scale further. And… you just don’t have enough time to get everything done.

So, what’s the solution?

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3 Ways to Work With Kim

VCEO VIP Coaching

Unlock your inner power, increase your efficiency, and gain crystal-clear insight on how to reach your aspirations. You're not a mere extra, you're the protagonist in this grand narrative. Isn’t it time to own it?

Corporate Training

Bespoke coaching for your C-suite to assess your team's dynamics and strengths. Identify challenges and opportunities to strengthen your management team's resilience and culture.

Live VCEO Event

Immerse yourself in a league of EXCEPTIONAL entrepreneurs and experienced executive coaches fueled by passion, relentlessly accelerating business growth and quantum integrity.

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Have a coffee with Kim and share your business' story. Learn how coaching with Kim can transform your business and career!
“The Business and Executive coaching we received from Kim was transformational for our business. Our profits grew 10x to where it is today and has set us up for future growth with several partners. Before working with Kim, we thought we were organised, until she brought clarity that helped us build real structure within our team for communications across all levels. Kim quickly identified that there were merely transactional conversations taking place, that there was no unified vision amongst the owners and she spent considerable time mentoring us in new types of conversations which really built the team identity, and facilitating agreements and direction, as well as the purpose for our business (beyond profit). Once we had the new purpose, vision, mission and mindset, we went to work. Once tested, proven and tried, it allowed us to grow very quickly. It took just over a year to develop, but from when we first met Kim in November 2015 to today, the monthly sales from our team grew by nearly 500% and then again to 10x, whilst our team has only doubled in size. We have repeated the process and applied the same system to our adjacent businesses, which has proved exponential in leveraging the growth. Kim was inspiring to work with, …the results speak for themselves.”
Jennifer Brown and David Hadley
CEO and CFO, GPS Wealth Sydney, Hong Kong

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