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Inspire Book Cover by Kim Walker


Creative Collisions of Music, Politics and Life | How to Surpass Yourself with Grace and Humor

INSPIRE helps leaders to identify, embrace and embody the key attributes of what it takes to excel as a transformational leader who creates a 300-year legacy. You’ll also have an overview of how 400 years of power and culture are intrinsically linked to legacy. The best part is, it’s simple and humorous, and you will have an expert dinner conversation.

How it works is that instead of working with a coach, I show you how to master the essential attributes for yourself, with templates and musical
examples. This frees up your time. Plus it means there’s no limit to how often you can use the leadership tools.

INSPIRE is for people who are interested to leave a legacy, make a dent in the universe and enjoy their life. If you want to achieve transformational leadership, then INSPIRE is for you!

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