Quantum Leap into Extraordinary Results in 2024

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Accelerate your leadership journey, business growth, and personal evolution with our 12-month mastermind, three live 3-day events, and a choice of four quantum accelerators exclusively curated for your needs.

Embark on an exceptional journey designed by Kim Walker exclusively for conscious entrepreneurs and visionary leaders seeking profound transformation and impact.

It’s a tried, tested, and proven comprehensive pathway to unlock the secrets to quantum growth blending cutting-edge methodologies with personal mentorship and all the practical insights to help you break through and unlock your highest potential.

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is this program for you?

You, too, can stand in powerful possibility And harvest results similar to our other clients!

Success Stories:

Say goodbye to…

If any of these are familiar, then this program is for YOU!

You have the opportunity to attend the VirtuosoCEO 12-Month Mastermind Program, 3 exclusive in-person 3-day seminars a year, and a choice of four online virtual quantum accelerators!

what you'll experience:

First, let's explore the Quantum Mastermind, our signature 12-month experience:

Here’s Everything You Get as an Elite Member of the VirtuosoCEO Quantum Mastermind Accelerator Program:

quantum mastermind:

A Full-Spectrum Life & Business Activation for Visionary Entrepreneurs & Change-Makers

In this mastermind, each member’s journey is recognized as unique yet interconnected within the tapestry of collective growth. Here, your aspirations meet the pinnacle of personalized strategy and deep, collaborative exploration. It’s more than a program; it’s a commitment to a year of unprecedented growth and profound personal evolution.

Immersive 3-Day Live Experiences: A Catalyst for Your Transformation

The Quantum Mastermind live events are intensive, immersive journeys designed to catalyze profound personal and professional growth. These events are included in the 12-month Quantum Mastermind.

Peruse the example schedule below:



Vision Unveiled and New Skills, Guest speakers



Mastery in Action - Bring Your Team along



Quantum Leap Forward - Building Autonomy

Mastermind LIVE Events (Hybrid Options):

May 3-5: San Diego Event

August 9-12: Mountain Area Event

November 8-10: To Be Announced

Post-event, the journey continues with ongoing support and resources to ensure sustained growth and success.

You've been extended an elite invitation to embark on this transformative journey at an exclusive rate of $25,000, a significant value considering the standard price of $40,000 and all the bonuses worth over another $21,000.

This exceptional offer reflects not just a financial investment but a commitment to your profound personal and professional evolution. It’s your gateway to a year filled with growth, challenges, support, and achievements experienced with fellow visionaries. Embrace this opportunity to transform your life and realize the extraordinary outcomes that lie ahead.

Imagine standing a year from now, looking back at a journey that has reshaped your business and personal life and the very fabric of your potential.

The Quantum Mastermind is where that journey begins – where your greatest aspirations are envisioned, actively pursued, and realized, fostered by heart-centered support of the highest caliber.

Now, let’s explore the Quantum Accelerators. These four 4-week experiences are included in the 12-Month Quantum Mastermind AND can also be purchased as standalone experiences.

quantum accelerators

Designed for You: Tailored Pathways to Your Mastery

For those who can’t make the 12-month Quantum Mastermind this year, the Accelerators are available on their own with two options available:

As you stand at the threshold of transformation, ready to transcend, Kim Walker and team present the Quantum Accelerator programs.

These aren’t just courses; they are your pathways to unleashed potential, meticulously crafted to guide you through each step of your quantum leap.

Quantum Business MBA Accelerator #1

Introducing the only program in the world with word-for-word scripts, worksheets, templates and systems for generating between $10,000 and $80,000 per month in your business.

Using our ‘business system in a box,’ which we call Xponential Profit Solutions, you will have all the systems, tools, and help to ensure you can reach your own goals as quickly and easily as possible.

Here’s a summary of what you will get:

Fast Client Quantum Accelerator #2

The 5 essentials of the VCEO model:

Quantum Cellular Accelerator #3

What do the elites, today’s billionaires, and the ancient Egyptians know about Quantum manifesting for UNLIMITED wealth and health?

In fact, it’s the reason why so few have so much of today’s wealth.

Built on research from a best-selling author, Nobel Award-winning scientists to develop what Tesla revealed…

We’re now able to replicate this Frequency and use it to create enormous transformations.

There is a powerful and highly effective way to activate your pineal gland, clear your field of subconscious blocks, turn on your abundance switch, and clear transgenerational trauma.

I understand if you’re skeptical; I would be, too, but I promise you it works for anyone, and it can transform your life very quickly.

This Accelerator Will:

Quantum Marketing and AI Accelerator #4

Included in each accelerator:

To embark on the year-long journey of a lifetime, join the exclusive newly relaunched VCEO Mastermind - a unique gathering for Quantum transformation. Be among Industry leaders, develop sustainable interdependent business models, and propel your company to its zenith. Be there, grow beyond!

Exclusive pricing

The full 12-Month Mastermind experience with a massive bonus package is outlined below:

Mastermind Accelerators Bonuses Totals
Full Price $40,000 $40,000 $21,000 $101,000
Your Price $25,000 Two Included Included $25,000

Or, for those who can’t make it this year, the Accelerators are available on their own:

Foundations Accelerator Subsequent Accelerators Complete Package of 4 Accelerators
Full Price $9997 $9997 $40,000
Your Price $997 $1997 $6900

As you consider the pathways laid out before you through the Quantum Accelerator programs, it’s time to elevate your journey even further. The esteemed Kim Walker and team proudly present the Quantum Mastermind – an immersive, year-long odyssey meticulously crafted for those seeking success and a profound transformation.

Mastermind PLUS (Bonuses) -
Act Now to Claim!

A Bonus Package Worth Over $21,000!! For those that join the 12-Month Mastermind – These are for YOU!



Business Growth Leadership Diagnostic and Psychometrics: $5000

Start by taking our exclusive Business Leadership Diagnostic. This analysis helps you identify the most critical capital in any business – your people.
What are their strengths, best working environments, tolerance for playful confusion, a sense of achievement, a big vision, and strategy to optimize and scale for your business?  Playing to your strengths will never have been so easy…  so you win more great deals, more often, with greater ease, and create the perfect exit strategy earlier with way less stress!



Quarterly 1:1 for Financial Deep Dive, Financial Planning, and Legacy Planning

$13,000 (included in 12-month Mastermind enrollment)
Two up-front Deep Dive sessions to co-create your strategy and outline your bespoke implementation plan using Revolutionary business assessment software ($4,997 value).  We quickly pinpoint significant profit impacts within any business.

The vast majority of business owners often overlook these areas, subsequently costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. If you’re interested in adding an extra $500,000 to your revenue over the next 12 months without selling more time for money, this can help you. Get access to our proprietary business and marketing research portal that maps a strategic implementation plan, risk diagnostics, AI, and digital marketing materials more!  
Plus 3 more 1:1 financial and legacy planning sessions



VCEO MBA Online Group Program $997

Our bespoke online program covering 52 issues to give you a proven and tested equation that has the ability to take your and your team’s leadership, networking, finances, people, and marketing skills to an entirely new level… a level that is going to separate your business from your competition forever.  
These entertaining and informative short weekly topics allow you to present information about your product or service in such a way that it both compels and persuades your prospects to take a specific action. The components that mirror an MBA and match up perfectly with the usual decision-making process all human beings go through when they make a buying decision.



Quantum Sound Handheld Scalar Wave device $2000

Meet your guide

Kim Walker: Transformational Leadership, Business & Quantum Growth, Senior Master Coach, AICD Company Director and Board Governance

“The game-changing work of Kim Walker is reshaping the dynamics of leadership.”

Sydney, Australia’s Influential and Inspirational Achievers Awards 2008

As an executive coach, board member, business mentor, speaker, international best – selling author, EMBA, world – class musician and White House consultant, with more than 20 years of corporate experience.

Her clients include billionaires, A – list celebrities, Olympians, Navy Seals, top – selling writers, luxury designers, motivational speakers, CEO’s, ASX and Fortune 500 Companies, Executive Board Leadership, including Telstra, Mirvac, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Apple, Qantas, governmental organizations, professionals, performers, coaches, and therapists. VCEO’s Resilience2Brilliance program has notably improved corporate leadership teams, reduced stress across management, enhancing productivity by 72 % within just 120 days.

Kim held senior leadership positions in higher education in the USA and Australia and has decades of company director board experience, leading strategic planning and running her own successful businesses in leadership development, executive coaching, reputation management and team culture for more than a decade.With her VirtuosoCEO mastermind, she’s unlocked whole-person authenticity for over 1100 entrepreneurs and saw 92% of them 10x their growth in less than three years.

Kim Walker brings knowledge from the fields of music, business, neuroscience, and quantum physics to her leadership development work. As a highly qualified C – Suite executive coach, she is also certified and accredited in the use of a number of psychometric assessment tools, AICD Board governance and supporting leaders through a harmonious blend of business acumen, spiritual and scientific principles.

Before embarking on her executive career, Walker enjoyed a successful international performance career during which she was the first woman to perform as 1st bassoon with the London Symphony Orchestra under Leonard Bernstein.She has recorded 33 albums, receiving notable prizes and international acclaim.She serves as Artistic and Executive Director of Orvieto Musica, an iconic chamber music festival in the heart of Italy each summer.

Kim Walker and an expert coaching board are here to orchestrate your own success.

Julie Tunador, CCHt:
Visionary Strategist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Life & Business Coach

For over 18 years, Julie has had the passion and pleasure of partnering in the transformation and elevation of high-level individuals, including celebrities, professional athletes, millionaire and billionaire business leaders, and entrepreneurs, leveraging her unique blend of analytical precision, intuitive innovation, and spiritual depth.

Her approach covers all areas of life and is deeply rooted in cutting-edge research and spirituality, which has propelled clients toward unprecedented personal and professional success. As a Master Coach for prestigious platforms like Mindvalley, Julie’s methods—spanning coaching, hypnotherapy, energy psychology, and quantum bioenergetic frequency —have proven vital.

Her academic background, with a bachelor’s in psychology, a master’s in forensic science, and a Ph.D. in progress in integral noetic science, underpins her expertise. Julie’s prior experience as a crime scene investigator and her current consciousness research enriches her capacity to drive profound, holistic results. She believes in an integral and multi-disciplinary approach to increase impact on the essential levels: individual, organizational, societal, and global.

Anca Van Assendelft
Board Level Strategic Advisor, Senior Exec Coach, Breathwork for Business, PCC, IECC

Anca is a seasoned strategy consultant and senior exec coach with 20+ years of consulting and client-side experience with a strong passion for enabling extra-ordinary transformational growth. Her clients include Fortune 500, start-ups and scale-ups – where she supports key leaders, their teams, and their organizations in connecting the dots between aspirational vision and operational realities.  Anca’s focus is on creating breakthrough results, as she helps them answer the questions: “Who are we?”  “What do we stand for?” “Who are we becoming?” and “How will we get there?”

Anca is currently completing her Professional Certified Executive Coach (PCC and IECC) at IMD Management & Leadership in Switzerland and is a graduate of the Wharton International MBA program, Princeton University, and Sealift Academy – with master certification in breath experience for business, psych-k alignment, and elementum somatic coaching.

Most recently, she led the $0.5B DCX (digital customer experience) service line at an innovative market leading BPO that ipo-ed. Prior to that, she led Cisco’s collaboration technology and customer business transformation Retail & CPG industry practice worldwide. She is fluent in English, Dutch, French and German.

Will Samson:
Transformational Leadership Coach, Organizational Change Management, Interdependent Executive Business Coach

Will Samson, Ph.D., is a transformational leader with a career spanning multiple industries, including information technology and organizational change management. He brings a diverse educational background with degrees in religion, information systems, and sociology, alongside certifications as a life and executive business coach. 

Having overcome personal challenges and reinvented his life in his 50s, Will embodies resilience and the belief that it’s never too late to start anew. He resides in Asheville, North Carolina, leveraging his global consulting experience and academic insights to inspire and guide individuals and organizations toward meaningful change.


Next steps to apply for the Quantum Mastermind:

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Want to join a Quantum Accelerator? Secure your place now:

Embrace Your Quantum Transformation and Make 2024 Your Most Impactful Year Yet!

Embark on a potent journey that challenges the status quo and redefines what is possible for your business. Our bespoke curriculum, infused with the latest in cognitive science and holistic practices, ensures a learning experience that is both profound and practical.

‘Quantum Transformation’ is our ethos – a dynamic shift in your mindset, capabilities, and strategy, all accelerated by quantum leaps in understanding and applying your innate potential.

Quick Highlights:

Here’s a summary of what you will get:

The 5 essentials of the VCEO model:


Low-tech marketing

(that makes your prospects chase you instead of you chasing them!)


Program pricing between $3,000 and $10,000

(E.g., Just 2 x $5,000 sales/week = $500K/year)


Scalable sales because of one-to-many online training

(which means no more limits on your income)


Transformational results for your clients

(which means you can still have the impact you love)


A massive increase in your free time

(it takes just 7 to 11 hours a week to run the XPS Formula model)


The full 12-Month Mastermind experience with a massive bonus package is outlined below:

Industry: Finance & Financial Planning


GPS Wealth is a financial planning firm operating in Australia. Kim was engaged to help GPS grow by developing strong systems that could be replicated in multiple offices to allow exponential growth.

Results Snapshot

“The Business and Executive coaching we received from Kim was transformational for our business. Our profits grew 10x to where they are today and have set us up for future growth with several partners.”

“Before working with Kim, we thought we were organized, until she brought clarity that helped us build real structure within our team for communications across all levels. Kim quickly identified that there were merely transactional conversations taking place, that there was no unified vision amongst the owners and she spent considerable time mentoring us in new types of conversations which really built the team identity, and facilitated agreements and direction, as well as the purpose for our business (beyond profit).”

“Once we had the new purpose, vision, mission and mindset, we went to work.  Once tested, proven and tried, it allowed us to grow very quickly. It took just over a year to develop, but from when we first met Kim in November 2015 to today, the monthly sales from our team grew by nearly 500% and then again to 10x, whilst our team has only doubled in size. 
We have repeated the process and applied the same system to our adjacent businesses, which has proved exponential in leveraging the growth.  Kim was inspiring to work with, …the results speak for themselves.”

Jennifer Brown and David Hadley, CEO and CFO
GPS Wealth Sydney, Hong Kong

Industry: Property Investment Industry and Financial Services


The client operates in the Property Investment Industry and Financial Services Sector and had been losing money and on just break-even for several months.

Results Snapshot

“We have been able to radically transform our business, going from our worst losses ever, to increase production across all key areas of our business, reduce costs and waste, and double our revenues and profits ‒ in just 6 months.

Over 12 months we were able to skyrocket our production and our profits. We have doubled our staff numbers from 4 to 9, increased our sales, settled on projects twice as fast and can’t remember the last time we dropped our prices.

Our builders can barely keep up with us, our bankers are applauding our sales activity. As a business owner of many years, it is rewarding to outpace competitors and feel re-energised about our work. This decision to work with Kim and extend the contract was one of our best!”

David Keplinger, CEO and Senior Partner

Industry: Fashion


The client operated in the fashion Industry as a start-up out of Singapore.

Results Snapshot

“Our business has quickly turned around from being a start-up entrepreneur with the ups and downs and untold hours to “how am I going to handle all the new work the business has closed.” I now need to hire more staff in several cities to handle the increase in production—a problem I am excited to have!

The results of this system put in place by Kim are spectacular to say the least.  I look forward to every session, and really was able to lift my game, but I was able to streamline the processes, spend a bit more time up front with each client and eliminate costly doubling up from our monthly fixed expenses giving us a salary and savings!

What differentiated us is that our delivery times have reached 100% on time while overtime to achieve this has dropped from 33% to just 2% which means the client is thrilled with the first fitting and there is minimal retouching needed.

My staff take responsibility and ownership for their area of the business and I have been able to focus on business opportunities. This years’ new contracts are anticipated to be $2.1 million compared to $264K last year, with our profits at 4 times what they were same time last year.

The time and money I invested to work with Kim and implement this system has not only saved my marriage and my business, but helped me scale to national and international presence from local in 12 months.”

Helen Zhu, Singapore

Industry: Global Telecommunications Company


A national ASX listed telecommunications company under pressure to compete with international companies and emerging technologies. We were brought in to deliver 3 workshops: exponential technologies overview, CIQ Conversational Intelligence after which we mentored 25 C-Suite leaders and coached 200 senior executive and managerial staff for 6 months. The growth they achieved meant that the original redundancy target was reduced by 58%, saving several thousand jobs. Key objectives: gain real uplift on new strategic business plan, team building across virtual teams, adapt legacy business systems to emerging marketplace.

Results Snapshot

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